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I Have the Tidiest Kitchen Because of These 7 Clever Finds—and Prices Start at $17


Kitchen Organizer Roundup (Freelance) Tout 

Since my recent move from a little New York City apartment to a Philadelphia townhouse, my full-sized kitchen — complete with a garbage disposal and stove top with working burners — has become my personal haven. Unfortunately, despite its larger size, it still becomes cluttered. After so many marinara stains and a few discombobulated flatware drawers, I began to feel that no matter how often I cleaned and organized my kitchen, it would still always be a disordered mess.

Determined to find a lasting solution and keep my kitchen from falling into disrepair, I tested out more Amazon gadgets than I can count to find durable, adjustable, and visually-appealing products that keep my happy place looking spick and span. Now, my kitchen looks better than ever. Here are seven of my favorite kitchen organizers, starting at just $18.

These glass jars are my kitchen’s unsung hero. I use them for almost everything. They are in my pantry for storage of dry goods like pasta, oats, flour, and sugar. They are great for storing quick-pickled onions and radishes. I use some for dog food and treats, and I even store incense sticks and other tchotchkes in them, too. These jars are easily hand-washable and seal tightly, preventing food from going stale or attracting pests. But I love the wooden top for an extra sense of style.

Amazon YouLike 4pack Clear Pull-Out Bin Stackable Refrigerator

Too much food, not enough fridge space? These pull-out fridge cabinets will instantly up your organization game, save space, and keep food odors at bay. With their see-through design, the drawers make it easier than ever to keep track of the produce I have stocked, reducing my household’s food waste. They truly make tidying my fridge (and keeping it from getting re-cluttered) a snap.


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