15pcs SuShi Making Kit
15pcs SuShi Making Kit
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15pcs SuShi Making Kit

15pcs SuShi Making Kit(free combination)
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Sealed to protect againstmoisture and insects
Environment-friendly materialsare safe and durable
Simple shape durable look versatile
Store things neatly and cleanly
Strongly sealed water leakage
Built-in increased bevel design, thickenedsealing silicone ring, with air buckle switch designeffectively ensure the tightness
Leak-proof & airtight lid mechanism
BPA-Free,made from non-toxic,food grade material
Easy to clean & dishwasher safe
High standard milk bottle material
High quality PP, PET material responsible for the freshness and safety of food.
Sushi making set
Cupboards and refrigerators are neat and tidy
Convenient to organize the messyspace the space is more orderly
Healthy ingredients, each carefully selected
From the selection of raw materials to the uniform press, and then to the rolling form. Each layer is controlled by an experienced chef.
Sushi tools
Preserving not only food but also the heart of a serious life
Aporridge a meal is the most ordinary simple warmth
Product Display
Bottom bulge design
The bottom four corners are provided with raised,easy to stack
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