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Amazon Slashed the Prices of So Many Kitchen Organizers Ahead of Prime Day—These Are the 3 to Buy


Amazon officially announced the dates of Prime Day 2023 yesterday. The retailer’s biggest sale of the year will take place from July 11 to July 12. However, before Prime Day even starts, Amazon has already slashed prices on some of our favorite kitchen products — including kitchen organization and storage.

Right now is the best time to stock up on organizers for your cabinets, drawers, pantry, and refrigerator. Replace all the cardboard single-use plastic containers in your kitchen with reusable, transparent storage that gives you easy access to whatever you’re looking for. Organize all the different sizes of plastic storage bags in your drawers in one container. You can even grab a set of Rubbermaid storage containers that are perfect for meal prep and weekday lunches for only $28, among many other products.

Below, find ten of the best deals on kitchen organization and storage products ahead of Prime Day. Right now, you can save up to 47% off, and the best part is, everything on our list is under $40.


Refrigerator Organizer Bins, Set of 8

Loose produce rolling around your refrigerator makes it hard to find what you need. These plastic bins are the perfect place to store apples, oranges, cucumbers, lettuce, and any other type of produce — no need to hang on to the plastic bags your fruit and vegetables come in at the store. And because you can see exactly what you have at a glance, there's less of a chance that your food will go bad and end up being wasted.

14-Piece Food Storage Container Set

This 14-piece set of Rubbermaid containers is surprisingly versatile. The set includes two 0.5-cup, two 1.3-cup, two 3.2-cup, and one 9.6-cup containers (plus lids), so you have a range of sizes that can fit everything from big batches of pasta to salmon filets to dried nuts and salad dressing.

Not only can they be used for leftovers, but they are the perfect vessels for weekly meal prep. Pack your lunch in one of the large sizes, toss it in your tote bag or backpack and take it with you to the office or on day trips. And at just $28 for the whole set, this is a great price on containers that will come in handy every day of the week.

Large 5.2-Liter Storage Containers, Set of 4

Flour, sugar, and dried pasta bags get ripped, take up space in cabinets, and can even cause your ingredients to spoil. The best way to store these goods is in these airtight storage containers. They can hold up to 5.2 liters of anything dry, whether it's your baking supplies, rice, quinoa, or coffee grounds. This set comes with labels so you can easily find what you’re looking for. The lids lock on the side for a tight seal, so your ingredients last longer. And for just $22 for four of these containers, you’re also getting peace of mind that your food isn’t being wasted. 

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