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The Best Pantry Food Storage Container Set We Tested Is on Sale for Its Best Price at Amazon


The pantry is a hot spot in any home. One no-fail way to keep this high-traffic area in order is by investing in a cohesive kitchen organization system that will keep everything in its place, and bring function to your daily routine.

Our PEOPLE Tested team tried out 21 types of kitchen storage containers to determine which ones are actually worth buying. They narrowed it down to the six best options, and one of the top picks is the Chef's Path Food Storage Containers, which they deemed the "best set" — and today, it's on sale at Amazon.

The 14-piece set comes complete with four small-sized containers, two medium containers, four large containers, and two extra-large containers that are all constructed with BPA-free plastic and each has corresponding lids. Plus, the containers come with measuring spoons, a chalkboard marker, and reusable labels to make organizing a breeze. At 35 percent off, the set is just $30, which is just a little over $2 apiece — the lowest price we've seen on Amazon.


Airtight Food Storage Containers

The containers are clear, so it's easy to see what's inside, whether you're storing uncooked pasta, cereal, flour, sugar, rice, or any other dried foods. The lids feature four hinge locks that come together to keep air out and liquids from spilling out.

However, one downside our testers noted was that one of the hinges came undone and there was a minor leak while being put through rigorous testing by shaking the container when it had liquids inside. They suggested that users be careful if they do decide to store sauces and other kinds of liquids in the containers, and shared that the brand stated the storage containers "are best for dry foods."

Our testers also shared they loved this set because the square-shaped containers are all stackable, which makes condensing shelf space extremely easier.

So if you're in need of a better organization system for your kitchen, now's the time to snag this PEOPLE-approved container set while it's on sale. But act fast, because this discount won't last forever.

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